Book your stay

For a minimum 2-days stay on a CAMPING-CAR PARK area, think about pre-booking !

With the Pass’ Etapes GOLD option (€ 20 / year), you can make a booking request online or by phone.

During your stay, you will be able to leave the area temporarily while being assured that a place is booked for you.

Bookings are for a minimum 2-day stay. Please make sure to send your booking request at least 72h prior to the arrival date.

To get your Pass’ Etapes GOLD option, follow the booking instructions bellow.

Two easy ways to make a booking:

-          Fill in the following pre-booking form


-          Contact the Reservation Team by phone at +33 1 83 64 69 23 from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

Your booking request will be processed by the Reservations Service, they will then contact you by email to send you an invoice for your stay including (if needed) the price for the GOLD option.

After making the payment, you will receive instructions regarding the access to the area and your spot.